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Congratulation to Subsidiary of "Tatwah Smartech" for Winning the Bid for "Wuhan Agricultural Product Quality and Security Traceability System Project
date: 2014-10-13 10:26:01

After experiencing a series of food security crises of Melamine, Clenbutero, Shanghai tainted steamed buns, and Plasticizer, Chinese, in fact, have already become numb and helpless towards food security, which even becomes a haunting nightmare for Chinese. In face of waves of food security accidents breaking moral lines and laws, we should reflect on shortcomings in food security. Compared to astounded economic and technical achievements and splendid civilization, China's underdevelopment in food security system construction and control is enormous.

Continuous coverage of food security issues in China presents food traceability system under the spotlight. This system focusing on prevention in advance rather than punishment afterwards is considered to be an important approach to food security management and monitoring. Tatwah Smartech, a leader of Internet of Things, integrates RFID IoT and food traceability into one and develops a proven and effective agricultural product traceability system, receiving wide promotion.

The agricultural product quality and security traceability system developed by Wuhan Junongtong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. for Wuhan Agricultural Bureau is the first pilot project of National Credible Agricultural Product. Based on application of RFID, this System records information throughout the whole process including growth, processing, delivery, storage and circulation, thus achieve whole-course tracking of agricultural products information. Information about agricultural products are recorded and input in the RFID E-tag, and the whole recoding process will be monitored and audited by agricultural quality inspection unit of Agricultural Bureau to guarantee true, accurate and timely recording of information.

This System covers heavy livestock like swine, cattle and sheep, poultry and eggs, aquatic product, and plants like vegetable and tea leaf, and extends to the whole industrial chain of cold chain, logistics and delivery, livestock slaughter, and supermarket. Meanwhile, the System achieves smart management in production, transportation and sales while generates with a massive database, for smart management and information query will be the key in the future.

Standard data as well as inspection and quarantine data generated in production and circulation will be uploaded to Wuhan Central Platform; statement will be produced after data filtering, sorting and auditing, and complete traceability information will be stored in the database; consumers may use the query machine in the market or mobile apps to query such information about production, storage and circulation. Aside from tracking via RFID, consumers can also query such information based on tag code via telephone, short message and network platform.

Credible information traceability system for agricultural products will be built with the application of RFID-based agricultural information, thus guaranteeing the food security for consumers and setting example of information tracking for the cause of agricultural product security. Seizing this opportunity and exploring the huge growth potential of agricultural product traceability, Junongtong will drive the agricultural informatization and shoulder this major mission of guaranteeing Chinese food security through innovation.

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