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Congratulation to Subsidiary for Winning the Bid for "Phase II Project of Beijing TOCC — Digital Engineering & Basic Supporting System"
date: 2014-10-13 10:30:30

Beijing Huitong High-Tech Information Co., Ltd., our subsidiary, and Taiji Computer Co., Ltd. formed a joint entity for the bid of "Phase II Project of Beijing Transport Operation Coordinate Center (TOCC) — Digital Engineering & Basic Supporting System". On March 6, 2014, they won the bid with an amount of RMB 11.23 million.

Project introduction:

With the further application of information technology in the transportation industry, systems in the industry become more and more eager to big data analysis and support. Industries and organizations in the same industry all demand data exchange and sharing that are more frequent than before. To facilitate traffic monitoring and decision-making, improve coordination among transportation systems and promote transportation information services for the public, it is necessary to build big data and cloud data centers, and gradually enhance the abilities to mine, collect, integrate and apply static and dynamic data resources in the transportation industry.

"Phase II Project of Beijing TOCC — Digital Engineering & Basic Supporting System", the bid won by Beijing Huitong, is a project prepared in this context to upgrade the data center so as to perfect data access and integration, optimize data management and regulate monitoring indicators and standards. The project will support the monitoring in terms of data and system operating environment and thus satisfy the demands to make governmental decisions, to administrate industry, to operate enterprises and to provide transportation services for the public.

This bid won by Beijing Huitong is another case of building transportation big data centers, mining data and using agile applications after the cases of the information management system for civil infrastructure of subways and the safety monitoring system for subways and bridges.

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