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Announcement on Wholly-owned Subsidiary's BCTC Certification
date: 2014-10-13 10:31:57

The Company and its whole Board guarantee the truthfulness, exactness and completeness of the released information without any false record, misleading statement or significant omission.

A recent notice from New Doone Science& Technology Co., Ltd. (the "New Doone"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tatwah Smartech Co., Ltd. (the "Company"), goes that: New Doone has developed COS software featuring proprietary intellectual property right and conformity with PBOC3.0 of financial IC cards based on world famous NXP chips and the software has been qualified with relevant test reports in such five tests as BCTC PBOC3.0 non-contact IC payment card, PBOC3.0 debit/credit (supporting micropayment) IC card, PBOC3.0 debit/credit (supporting dual-currency small amount) IC card, PBOC3.0 extended application card based on non-contact micropayment and PBOC3.0 non-contact QPBOC dual-currency small amount IC card. The test reports are valid for two years from May 2014 to May 2016. (See the website of BCTC:

These five items of PBOC3.0 certification means that New Doone has entered into the software development of smart card chips and been certified for the operation system of Unionpay chips, stating its capability of providing certified COS for wide domestic Unionpay card manufacturers. Besides services provided for those manufacturers, New Doone will extend for the development fields of the financial industry and the embedded platform software more new business types based on its operation principle of pursuing software development as well as play an important role in the corporate arrangements for the application of financial smart cards and financial payment products.

It is still unknown if the product will be recognized among final customers, therefore its effect on future operation performance cannot be predicted. Investors should be aware of investment risks.

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