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New Doone
date: 2014-06-03 17:01:47

New Doone is an ICT company which provides business support solutions for clients in the industry, and information solutions for governmental and utility units together with telecom carriers. It is one of the largest service providers for China Telecom in E-channel construction and operation.

When founded in 2001, New Doone has positioned itself as a channel software provider for communication operators. With experience accumulation and business expansion, New Doone also provides support for social, reality and electronic channels on the basis of direct channels, and extends its business scope to cover consultancy & planning, system operation & maintenance, and operation campaign. After successful transformation to a provider of overall channel solutions, New Doone takes leads in this field in China. At the end of 2005, New Doone introduced the independently-developed support software for E-channels, which receives high praise of clients after commercial application. The subsequent operation services have brought communication operators a leap forward in E-channels. New Doone is providing E-channel support and operation services for more than 10 provincial communication operators, thus establishing its leading position in the E-channel development and operation, and making it a specialist in E-channel operation.

With increasingly powerful ability in provision of overall channel solutions, New Doone, relied on rich experience in development and operation of communication softwares and proficiency in communication technologies, expands its software development for IT to ICT, providing industrial solutions for the governmental, utility and education sectors. Since 2011, New Doone has invested in IoT application and launched such applications as the campus card, vehicle management system, attendance management system and E-schoolbag on the market with good results.

On the strength of 3G and cloud computation technologies, its ICT solutions allow not only construction of single software platform but cloud computation based on Internet and mobile Internet. The "Smart Corporate Cloud Platform" on line in 2012 is providing cloud services for 200+ enterprises. In 2012, New Doone started development and construction of education cloud platform with project development completed and trial operated started by now. It is estimated that the "Smart Education Cloud Platform" combining multimedia, IoT and Internet technologies will be launched in the middle of 2013. Once launched, it will serves as a bridge of communication among school, teachers, students and parents with comprehensive informational services available.

Upholding the spirit of "Serving Clients Wholeheartedly, Pursuing Excellence Elaborately, Leading Innovation Determinedly, and Fighting Confidently", New Doone will seize opportunities and embrace challenges to make it a reliable strategic partner for clients.

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