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Wuhan Junongtong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd
date: 2014-06-03 17:02:04

Wuhan Junongtong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., located in Tiance Building of Wuhan Jianghan Economic Development Zone, is founded by Tatwah Smartech in Oct. 2011 with a registered capital of RMB 5 million.

Aimed at serving safety production of sustainable agricultural products, it provides designing scheme, solutions and service programme for smart agriculture and agricultural products e-commerce. Thanks to development, operation, management and service of Agricultural Products QA Traceability System and e-commerce platform of agricultural products, the company rapidly finds its way to large agricultural products market in Wuhan and even Hubei, delivering on its strategy to occupy the national agricultural market.

The company is a "Leading Company" of Agricultural Industrialization and a Technology-based Agricultural Company in Wuhan. Supported by such high-tech as IoT, modern digital communication and cloud computation, it is engaged in: 

(1) development of agricultural products safety traceability system with IoT technologies including RFID, sensors and digital monitoring;

(2) informatization and SI of agricultural projects;

(3) development and application of e-commerce platforms with respect to agricultural products;

(4) development and application of agricultural production & agricultural raw materials safety system;

(5) development and application of system regarding bulk farm-products transaction, trading, warehousing and logistics;

(6) agricultural investment & financing and other derivatives business.

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