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Qingdao Rongjia security Printing
date: 2014-06-03 17:06:40

      Located in the Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Zone, Qingdao Rongjia dedicates itself to printing financial bills and is the enterprise designated by the head offices of People's Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to print checks, deposit receipts, bankbooks, taxation forms, vouchers of payment system, vouchers of fund remittance and transfer in E-banks and other bills. The card center of the Company is in Shandong Road, the financial sector of Qingdao. It is also the designated producer of bank cards. After 30-year development, the Company makes itself one of the best in the realm of security printing because our products boast "high security, anti-counterfeit feature and excellent privacy".

 Rongjia has a large quantity of advanced equipment and systems, including the computerized page makeup system and the DTP software; CTP system and printing presses of German Heidelberg and German R520 multicolor rotary printing presses; Japanese Taiyo ten-color rotary printing presses, automatic production lines for bankbooks and multicolor Hamada printing presses; British card production lines and detecting equipment; Spanish and Singaporean automatic sheet collators and automatic envelope making machines; form bursters of Shanghai Xinmin Taiyo, multicolor offset presses of Beiren Group, etc. The Company independently developed its ERP and Management System which helps to completely informationize and digitize the management and production and ensure product quality.

 Security measures are outstanding. The plant is protected by the CCTV monitoring devices and system, the infrared alarm system and firefighting automatic alarms. The production area is under 24/7 real-time monitoring and is guarded by the access control system and the anti-theft alarm system. Under the safe transportation system, enclosed special vehicles are used to safely and timely transport bills to customers' domiciles.

      Excellent quality and after-sales services help the Company to earn its reputation. Rongjia has been granted with ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB/T28001 certificates for its outstanding product quality, environment and occupation health safety management, the certificate for a VISA card product enterprise issued by VISA (Visa International Service Association), the certificate for a manufacturer of MasterCard identification card issued by MasterCard International, the certificate for a manufacturer of Unionpay identification card issued by Unionpay and the certificate for personalizing "Unionpay" identification cards. The Company also earned Double I Grade in "Security and Quality" examinations organized by the head office of People's Bank of China and Zhongchao Industrial Limited Company.

 Rongjia will stick to its operating principle of "Market in Heart and Quality in Hands" and provide better products and services to the financial world.

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