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  • Prelam

    Tatwah Smartech offers the Inlay sheets, suitable for ISO format PVC and PET cards or tags, deliverable with most common semiconductors

  • Waste Bin Tag

    Waste Bin Tag (30.5mm x 5.2mm) are available in both read only and read/write version for waste management applications

  • Laundry Tag

    The Laundry tag has been specially designed for applications requiring a rugged transponder that can withstand harsh environment, this RFID tag basically meets all requirements in terms of h...

  • Public Transport Products

    Tatwah Smartech produces since long paper tickets, ultrathin plastified cards and tokens for this industry.

  • Metal Mount Tag

    Metal Mount Tags have extensively been used for gas bottle tagging. It's semi-rigid multilayer construction allows for affixing this tag to uneven, spherical shapes.

  • RFID Price Tag

    The price tag is intended for the electronic tagging of high end consumer goods, Where additional brand enhancement is desirable.

  • Pigeon Ring Tag

    Tatwah Smartech offers a product of LF read-only products for adult pigeons (PT 0002) and newly born species (PT 0001), weighing only 1.5 +/- 0.2 grms and easy to clean. A personalisation w...

  • Cable Binder Tag

    Whilst there are many solutions for grouping data lines in larger IT schemes,Tatwah Smartech offer an affordable range of HF and UHF products

  • Bullet Tag

    Bullet tags are used in industrial environments for small parts identification or elsewhere space and ID volume is limited

  • MINI Tag

    MINI Tag are available in LF , HF and UHF (G2XM) versions, this very solid, waterproof product resists crunching and chemical stresses very well. It is suitable for a wide range of applicati...

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