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  • Bullet Tag

    Bullet tags are used in industrial environments for small parts identification or elsewhere space and ID volume is limited

  • MINI Tag

    MINI Tag are available in LF , HF and UHF (G2XM) versions, this very solid, waterproof product resists crunching and chemical stresses very well. It is suitable for a wide range of applicati...

  • Heavy Duty Tag

    Heavy Duty Tags aim to offer a solution for fishery applications, harsh outdoor environments and foremost the construction industry.

  • Domed Disc

    Domed discs consist of a PVC tag with an Epoxy dome and are recommended for surface mounted tags , where a decorative aspect is desirable.

  • Clear Disc

    Clear disc products with their reduced thickness are typicalsemi-finished products with a base protection against mechanical damage.

  • PVC Disc

    PVC Disc tag products are true all rounder products: They can be personalised, be used as semi-finished products, be delivered with mounting holes or else have an adhesive layer.

  • Disc Tag

    The widely used disc tag products in either ABS or alternatively PC material can be partly personalized or even custom made with embossed Graphics and special colours. You design, Tatwah Sma...

  • NFC Compliant Tag

    Current RFID technology rapidly develops beyond pure ID towards sensor tags, NFC components and other microprocessor devices.

  • One-way wristband

    ID and are increasingly used for event access management, including pursing application extensions and statistical monitoring purposes

  • PVC wristband

    Moreover, the product range includes one way wriststraps have become popular beyond hospital patient ID and are increasingly used for event access management, including pursing application e...

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