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Application of RFID in Asset Management
date: 2014-10-13 09:00:18

About the System

Some organizations need to manage tremendous assets that are located in a wide area and changed frequently. With traditional management methods, all data should be collected and entered by human beings. These methods are less efficient with plenty of errors and result a time gap between the information of physical assets and that in the management system. The RFID is a novel technology to collect information. With it and the combination of technologies for transmitting and processing information, daily asset management can be integrated into the asset management system so as to obtain real-time asset information. In such a way, instruments, assets and equipment may be automatically controlled and managed by a real-time central system.

System Framework

System Function

1. Basic function

Asset management includes adding, distributing, idling, discarding, maintaining and checking assets. In other words, the management covers the whole process from the first operation to the abandonment of equipment.

Special personnel will tag the equipment after purchase. Bar codes, names, equipment types, departments of use, purchase dates, prices and other information of assets will be kept in these RFID tags and in the central server. Equipment becomes assets upon purchase. After it comes into use, there will be normal operations such as distribution, maintenance and abandonment. When equipment is moved from places of use or a warehouse, RFID tags will be read with information being transmitted to the central server of the backstage management system through a wireless network (3G/WiFi) so as to track and manage assets.

 2. Operating principle  

RFID readers are controlled by assess sensors. When a door opens, power amplifiers start to work and the tags on assets can then be read. Once tags have entered into the range of identification and been read, the sum of tags will be shown through voice and light notices and on LED screens. Thus, personnel will know that the assets have been identified with information being sent to the backstage management system through a wireless network.

Each asset has a unique ID No. and an RFID tag that keeps corresponding information. When assets are in the identification range of RFID antennae, readers obtain asset information and real-timely upload it to the RFID system server after confirmation. After changing data format, filtering and further processing data, the server sent such information to the asset management system. The information then becomes data sources for other system data statistic processes, querying and other functions. Thus, it is possible to achieve real-time monitoring, recording and automatic updating asset changes during daily management.


The system adopts the latest automatic identification technology — radio frequency identification (RFID). By combining technologies of computer, wireless transmission, automatic control and the like, it provides functions including automatic identification and intelligent management with information technology.

1. The system has features of rapid remote identification, high-reliability, excellent privacy, easy-to-operate and easy-to-extent. The asset identification system may run without support from other systems.

2. The system establishes secure and reliable archives for registered assets. With advanced technology, it can strengthen asset management, distribute resource properly, reduce waste and prevent losses.

3. The system provides orderly and real-time management by using professional techniques. It is an advanced, reliable and applicable digital platform that automatically identifies and intelligently manages assets. In other words, the system materially improves the real-time management of a company over its assets.

4. Giving full play to RFID and GPRS technologies, the system is able to provide real-time information of assets and send warning messages which make the IT system an integral part of daily work. The backstage system can real-timely monitor and record working procedures with high effectiveness, which enables managers to grasp distribution and use information about assets in their offices.

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