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Electronic Ticket Management System
date: 2014-10-13 09:06:26

About the System

In the past few years, rapid economic development in China has ignited frequent public events including exhibition, conference, sports of all kinds, which even turned into an emerging industry. Organization and management of different events poses huge challenge to host and venue management staff. With respect to tickets, manual ticket checking is adopted for most events. Such traditional ticket issuance and management, however, may lead to issues like fake ticket, multi-entry and exit, ticket scalping, low efficiency, difficult in information management for major commercial events, in particular sports events and entertainment events.

Integration of RFID with technologies of database management, communication and information provides an effective solution for ticket and information system for exhibition and conference venue, sports events, and concerts. RFID-based ticket management system not only can solve above problems in traditional ticket management, but also provides beneficial reference as to improving customer satisfaction, providing massive information and data for relevant department, and available value added service.

System Architecture


System Function

1. Ticket Making: professional institute will be responsible for designing ticket, inserting RFID E-tag, printing ticket and inputting information into system database.

2. Ticket Selling: Sales outlets will be responsible for selling tickets and printing data, outlets information and event data, and identity information of ticket buyer where necessary, so as to bind ticket to buyer's information and enable real-name ticket selling. Meanwhile, ticket selling information will be input into the system database.

3. Ticket Checking: Information in the E-tag ticket will be read by fixed reader when audience enter and leave the venue, and security certification will be done with list of legal person and safety module. If certification passes and information is read correctly, the audience may enter or leave, otherwise alarm will be generated. Random ticket inspection inside the venue can be achieved by inspector with hand-held ticket checking machine in long distance. If any doubt is raised, inspector can require audience for further inspection.

4. System platform and database: site statistics of tickets sales for different venues and time periods; conditional query and statistics of tickets by time, location and type of tickets sold, and venue entrance; statistics and query of income each event, day and month; printing statements of different data; statistics of participating units and people by region, industry, scale, nature, etc.; statistics and analysis of audiences' basic information; Big Data analysis of audiences' gender, age, title, units.


1. Effective prevention of fake and scalped tickets, thus the economic loss from such tickets;

2. Effective prevention of entrance of people without ticket and faster audience entry, as well as management and safety guarantee enhancement;

3. Quick statistics of in-and-out traffic, operation revenue and ticket query, and significant economic and social benefits for improvement of the venue's modern management;

4. Accumulation and analysis of data can contribute market dynamics of relevant industries and enable value-added service;

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