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Anti-fake System for Liquor
date: 2014-10-13 09:08:32

About the System

It is known that fake liquor is hazardous. Though it takes only a small portion of the circulating liquor, it will cast a severe threat on people's health and terrific impacts on the construction of a sound market economic system and even the social, professional and personal ethics formed through thousands of years if its development and distribution trends fail to be constrained. Considering from this level, it is not only an economic problem but a serious social problem.

Over the years liquor manufacturers and relevant departments have input large amount of manpower and material resources in exhausting attempts for fighting fake liquor with obvious outcomes, but fake liquor is like weeds in the field that can always find its opportunity to sprout.

The emergence and quick development of RFID provides new ideas for fighting fake liquor. Each bottle will be attached with one or more RFID tags that cannot be dismounted as identification of the liquor. The tag contains basic information of the liquor. The basic information of the item will be also input into the system database and related to the tag.

System Architecture

1. System architecture









                                                                   Topological structure














                                                                       Network architecture

Function Description

1) Electronic tag information to be input into the system database

The design of the electronic tag makes it not to be dismounted once attached onto the bottle (forced dismount will result in damage to the tag). The fixed reader or portable reader will be used to read tag information and input the tag ID and relevant liquor type to the system database.

Note: The input into the system database is a controlled process that only authorized personnel can handle and the work procedures will be recorded by the system to ensure the reliability of the database.

2) PC terminal query

Use special readers (portable reader, fixed reader or smartphones that can be used as readers) to read RFID tag information on the bought liquor, activate computer terminal to input tag ID and the information is called. This way of query is more suitable for fixed readers to read easy-to-take items. The signal of reading will be sent through serial interfaces, Internet access or USB ports directly to the query interface to auto obtain item information, which is quick and suitable for batch operation of query.

3) Query by special portable readers

    Tag information is read by portable readers and sent to system server in wireless way, where the relevant tag information will be searched and the results will be returned to the portable device. This method is quite suitable for batch operations, e.g. in distributors and supermarkets. This query method is slightly less effective than PC terminal query but is more flexible.

4) Query via mobile phones

           Many smartphones now are NFC available, which if combined with applications will greatly facilitate the query of item information. This kind of query requires the phones to have NFC function with specialized application for query. It costs traffic of the mobile phones (otherwise WiFi connected) and is low in efficiency, suitable for single or small amount of item query, e.g. final query of consumers. Its advantage is to query without special devices.


Identification of item uniqueness: The unique ID number of each FRID tag will be related to only one bottle of liquor once the information is stored in the tag, so that tag reading will bring you a quick identification about whether it is fake liquor.

Convenience: Easy verification of fake liquor with portable RFID readers and smartphones.

Security: The uniqueness of the tag ID and the unchangeability of data ensure the truthfulness of liquor.

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