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Integrated Management System of Network Remote Video Monitors
date: 2014-10-13 09:33:35

About the Product

The Golden Bridge integrated management system of network remote video monitors is a multilevel video monitoring products providing most professional service for various industries. The professional solutions and quality service it provides cover such industries as Internet service sites, digital courts, financial market, safety community, smart agriculture and chain stores. It aims to solve all "invisible and unlocatable" security flaws for various industries, featuring multilevel and multi-region data sharing and disaster recovery and backup.


The Golden Bridge integrated management system of network remote video monitors — based on such technologies as ultra large information data collection, industrial seamless screen connection, intelligent analysis, streaming media forwarding, distributed storage and triple data encryption. It adopts the technical structure for next generation service with all business functions flexibly configured as required, easily upgraded capacity expansion and low maintenance cost, providing various combined options for different application size.


1. Remote monitoring

2. Split display management

3. Alarm recording

4. Remote configuration management

5. Bandwidth optimization management 

6. System permission management

7. Industrial service functions


1. Expert: provide most professional solutions for various industries

2. Security: Triple data encryption to guarantee security of data transmission; disaster recovery and backup ensures security of data storage

3. Flexibility: simple configured options which can solve problems for various industries

4. Convenience: B/S framework for easier user browse

Typical Application

1. Management solutions for sites of Internet access services

2. Application solutions for HD digital courts

3. Network monitoring solutions for financial industry 

4. Video monitoring solutions for safety communities 

5. Video monitoring solutions for smart agriculture

6. Network monitoring solutions for chain stores

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