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Control and Management System for Intelligent Refrigerator
date: 2014-10-13 09:39:17

About the System

When people enjoy bettering lives, they also face accelerating life pace. As a result, refrigerators are playing greater roles in each family and people desire functions other than the traditional cooling and preservation. With the maturing IoT and the combination of technologies to collect and process information, we are able to provide you with this system to real-timely monitor food in intelligent refrigerators and operate the refrigerators accordingly. You may either check food information on the LCDs of refrigerators or remote terminals/mobile phones. Users may also send instructions to purchase food online.

Refrigerators are the only kind of appliance that runs 24/7. With technologies of automatic information collection (by using RFID), transmission and process as well as the automatic control technology, you can "communicate" with food and act accordingly.

System Chart

                                                                                                                       System framework

Users may access the management platform through industrial tablets and screens. In this way, the platform may collect, analyze and manage information, and remotely manage and control information. With one ARM processor and some peripheral devices, you can control temperatures at different parts of a refrigerator. With RFID devices and tags, the food information is automatically collected and real-timely uploaded to the management platform.


 Structure of the hardware of the control system

System Function

Ø The system automatically identifies the types, quantities (weights), shelf lives, places of origin, suppliers and other information of food that is kept in the tags and displays the information on the screens of refrigerators

Ø The system will send messages when the temperature of some food is lower than the limit

Ø Users may set the system through touchscreens

Ø Food information may be queried in and sent to a remote monitoring center

Ø Food information may be queried on and sent to registered mobile phones

Ø The system may automatically check temperatures against the set limits and adjust temperatures of different parts

Ø Users may purchase food online through touchscreens, remote control centers and mobile phones

Ø Users may query historical data and complete statistic analysis of food

Ø The system may analyze nutritional ingredients, download healthy recipes and provide diet recommendation

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