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Urban Public Transportation Management System
date: 2014-10-13 09:45:58

About the System

In general, urban buses operation belongs to fixed route and fixed station service, i.e. bus drives along fixed route with fixed stations in accordance with fixed shifts and timetable. In the past, wireless walkie-talkie or station telephone was often used to understand the vehicle operation conditions. Restricted, however, by transmission distance and function, only simple information communication in small area is possible.

Smart public transportation system integrates advanced technologies of information collection, data communication, information processing and computer handing to apply in the whole transportation management system, thus forming a real-time, accurate and efficient transportation and management system covering large area and all aspects. Compared to developed countries, China's urban public transportation is still in weak position, in particular the systematic construction of smart transportation system. At present, the rise of RFID has make automatic collection, arrangement and storage of data necessary for operation and management possible for smart public transportation system.

System Architecture


System Function

RFID electronic tag is installed at the front windshield of the public vehicle, and the RFID read-write machine on the transportation uprights can wireless scan and identify passing vehicles, and transmit such real-time vehicle information back to information management and dispatching center wirelessly. Then, the center again transmits the information back to the LED display on each bus station, thus achieving real-time communication of essential data. Smart transportation system then realizes other functions based on the identification frequency, time and location of on-board electronic tag.

The Center is responsible for receiving vehicle information (code, location, etc.) sent from the RFID read-write machine, and save it to database after analysis and filtering. Based on the information, the Center then transmits it to the LED sending routine queue. The LED display procedure to present bus data in graph via traverse in database. Touch screen application is responsible for control the content to be displayed on the LED display.

(2) Schematic diagram of the touch screen application's functions:







1. To provide comprehensive transportation information service for the society: specifically, query of information of transportation, road condition, navigation, travel planning, travel time predicting, and vehicle dispatching.

2. To explore the operation mode of comprehensive urban transportation information service: specifically, establishing comprehensive public and customized transportation service open to the whole society and forming enterprise-based operation mode of comprehensive urban transportation information service.

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