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Anti-theft Management System for Motorcycles and Electromobiles
date: 2014-10-13 09:49:24

About the System

In order to solve problems in anti-theft work for motorcycles and electromobiles, the system adopts Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) based on active RFID. The AVI monitors can be mounted onto urban entrances and exits to form AVI fixed base stations or mounted onto police cars to form AVI mobile stations. The mobile AVI system is a practicable and effective solution for the above problems, which can be placed in site entrance, by roads or in checkpoints/toll-gates as needed and is capable of real time, exact and reliable data collection from stopped vehicles or those passing by mounted with active sensor cards, identification and processing of these data with RIFD technology and sending them via GSM/GPRS/CDMA to vehicle administration offices for comparison with stored information of relevant vehicles to determine whether they are illegal or stolen ones. The comparison results and instructions will be returned to site AVI system at real time. The results and vehicle related information can be printed out. Those illegal vehicles included in the black lists can be held up with alarm on the spot or the forward checkpoint will be informed through communication devices to stop the vehicle.

System Architecture



The whole anti-theft management system adopts active RFID, which is comprised of active electronic tags, fixed monitoring base stations, portable mobile monitoring points and back-stage management servers, database servers, monitoring platforms and electronic maps for real time monitoring with quick response.

1. The main body of the anti-theft system is a 2.4G active RFID two-way electronic tag. The tag has been provided with an additional sensing device, which can directly control horns, headlamps and chokes of the vehicles after processing. Its power supply is from the vehicle-mounted battery to greatly enhance its life.

2. The scanning monitoring system is comprised of monitoring base stations and moving monitors distributed in main intersections and entrances of roads, capable of receiving signals sent by active electronic tags and transmitting the received data to the back -stage management system. Input or configuration change can be also made in the tag with special applications. The cooperation of monitoring base stations and active electronic tags allows identification covering ultra long distance.

3. The back-stage monitoring system, comprised of back-stage management server, database server, monitoring platform and electronic map is able to perform a real time and visual monitoring of all vehicles in the controlled region and to inform moving inspectors nearby for timely handling of any abnormal situation.


1. Security: the system security is ensured by customized protocol plus guaranteed advancement of encryption and decryption technology to prevent interception and decoding;

2. Long distance: the adoption of 2.45 GHz active electronic tag system allows remote identification covering as long as 100 m;

3. Quick response: the system will respond upon finding any illegal electromobiles and inform the site watchkeeper timely for handling.

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