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Intelligent Transportation Management System
date: 2014-10-13 09:51:56

About the System

Traffic jam is one of the critical problems faced by large cities around the world. It also materially introduces other traffic problems. After years of management and research, people realize that the problem cannot be solved with reactive measures alone, such as building roads or strengthening management. The key methods are proactive ones that give full play to the limited resources, for example, managing demand, developing bus transportation, proactive guiding and predicting traffic and making timely intervention.

The maturing RFID has already been applied in many fields successively. In the realm of collecting traffic information, it beats the outdated counterpart because it can rapidly identify objects moving at a high velocity and provide accurate and real-time information of such objects. Although it is a novel technology under development, the RFID will become the main method for collecting and monitoring traffic information. It is also certain that the RFID will be widely used in the intelligent transportation management. The RFID is the origin of intelligent transportation which is the hope to solve the urban traffic problems in the future.

System Chart

System Function

1. Detect and collect traffic information:

 1) Traffic flow

 2) Average speed

  3) Traffic condition, etc.

2. Intelligent transportation control:

  1) Optimize control of traffic signals

 2) Prioritize traffic signals for buses and special vehicles

 3) Control access into special areas, etc.

3. Comprehensive transportation management:

1) Detect illegal actions

2) Administrate transportation security

3) Manage charges and fines related to vehicles

4) Manage buses

5) Manage traffic and transportation

6) Manage other matters related to traffic and transportation

4. Information services for the public:

1) Distribute real-time traffic conditions

2) Provide online navigation

3) Build static parking guidance signs


1. The system adopts the RFID to collect traffic information. Thus, it may not only detect traffic flow to provide information that is real-time and accurate, but also identify each vehicle. As a result, it is possible to monitor the whole road network, count vehicles on the road, calculate the traffic flow of designated roads and send alarms.

2. Owning to the comprehensive statistic analysis and data mining, the system may predict short-term traffic conditions. Moreover, after collecting data over some certain period, the system may provide middle and long-term prediction.

3. By giving full play to accurate identification of the RFID, the system forms a human-oriented mechanism of traffic information services.

4. Because the RFID provides accurate identification, the system helps relevant personnel to make accurate investigation and punishment. To be specific, the system reduces mistakes during law enforcement and improves evidence quality, and thus greatly promotes the efficiency of law enforcement.

5. The system provides comprehensive traffic information services by distributing information on various channels.

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