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Intelligent Parking Management System
date: 2014-10-13 09:55:09

About the System

To manage vehicle access, most parking lots still use high frequency IC cards that must be read closely. In other words, when a vehicle enters into or leaves a parking lot, the driver must stop the car and wave the card near a reader for card identification.

Compared with the high frequency RFID, the ultrahigh frequency RFID boasts remoter and faster identification and may identify objects at high speed or multiple objects at the same time. Therefore, with the UHF RFID cards, drivers do not need to stop vehicles or lower windows because readers may identify the RFID cards remotely (3 - 10 m adjustable). Moreover, the system automatically controls vehicle access. As a result, the vehicle management becomes more efficient and convenient and people are safer when a vehicle enters into or leaves the park lot.

System Architecture


Figure of the network topology of the system


Fig. 4 Function modules of the system

System Function

1. System of vehicle access control

1) RFID automatic vehicle identification

When a vehicle passes a gate, the RFID reader on the top of the gate automatically collects registered information stored in the vehicle card into a computer. The computer then checks this information (e.g. plate No.) against information in the database to determine if the vehicle may pass the gate, sends a control instruction to the access subsystem and displays vehicle information.

2) Module for access control and display

Once received instructions from the control system of the computer, the module automatically opens or closes the gate.

2. System of basic information management

1) Module that registers vehicle information and issues cards

The module issues an RFID card for each vehicle, records the card ID and links & records information including the plate No., vehicle type, owner's name, affiliation, expiration date and parking No. of a vehicle. All the information is uploaded to the database of the data center for record and backup.

2) Module for managing RFID cards

The module allows users to maintain and manage vehicle cards. For example, users may change such information as vehicles, owners, units and valid terms, revoke a card and replace a card.

3) Module for managing access authorization of vehicles

The module allows users to manage access authorization of a card at each gate.

4) Query and statistic module

The module allows users to query information about vehicles, units and gates, and print reports under all conditions.

3. Data center

1) Module for data communication

The module consists of two parts:

One is clients which are installed in the access control system and the control module of the computer. The clients receive access information from the access control system and upload it into the server.

The other one is a server which receives data from clients and saves them into a database.

2) Report/query module

The module provides real-time online function to query information of each subsystem and allows users to print daily/monthly reports and other reports under all conditions.

3) Module for system maintenance

Administrators may use the module to manage accounts and authorization. To be specific, they can grant an account the right to access some certain modules or data and thus common users are limited to do what they are assigned. This also guarantees system security.

4) Interface module

The module allows the system of vehicle access management to obtain data through interfaces, which facilitates data invoking by OA and other management software.


1. The system automatically manages vehicle access and prevents congestion;

2. The system has features of rapid remote identification, smart control, high-reliability, excellent privacy, easy-to-operate and easy-to-extent;

3. With anti-tamper tags and other high technologies, users can monitor and regulate vehicles more efficiently and effectively, and can establish safe and reliable vehicle archives;

4. It is an advanced, reliable and applicable digital platform that automatically identifies and intelligently manages entering/leaving vehicles. In other words, the system materially improves the real-time management over vehicles entering into or leaving logistics parks;

5. The system can smartly identify, collect, record and track information of tagged vehicles with high effectiveness and accuracy, which ensures security management over entering/leaving vehicles.

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