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RFID Price Tag
date: 2014-10-13 12:05:20

 The price tag is intended for the electronic tagging of high end consumer goods, Where additional brand enhancement is desirable. The price tag allows to identify precious objects within their wrapping box, often an artwork in its own right and not necessarily personalized to the model, type or variant of its contents.

 Option: Custom branding as debossed or embossed text / graphic


       1. P / N: PTC0010

        Material: PVC, transparent

        Size: 10x28 mm, 0.7 mm thickness

        Available with HF functionalities




        2. P/N: PTA0011

        Material: ABS

        Size: 20 x 30 x 3.15 mm

        Available with LF, HF IC

        Silk screen printing

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