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Non-standard Card
date: 2014-10-13 11:05:09

TATWAH SMARTECH is one of the largest producers of ISO Format PVC or PET Cards.

Contactless smart card, in which the card communicates with and is powered by the reader through RF induction technology, requires the main components which is IC chip and antenna to communicate, and is defined in ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC 15693. Contectlss card can be used for identification, authentication, and data storage, and it also provides a means of effecting business transactions in a flexible, secure, standard way with minimal human intervention.


In general, TATWAH SMARTECH’ s ISO Cards are available in 3 main RFID frequencies:

Low Frequency (LF) Cards with 125 kHz

High Frequency (HF) Cards with 13.56 MHz

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Cards with 886-915 MHz


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